is currently off-line until the backend site becomes live.


This site is to continue all the good work done by all SB staff, members and general public that supported the cause of keeping STEAM games cheat free.

Since mid-October 2013 the old steambans domain was taken offline by the powers-at-be and the project was shelved.

We hope one day to re-kindle and activate this project again!


19 October 2013 - steambans became unavailable and posted to a holding page alerting visitors that the SteamBans Project is no longer

20th January 2014 - & domains are activated and put on a holding page until back-end site is made live.

24th February 2015 - #steambans QuakeNet irc chan re-activated again. Click here to join #steambans

21 October 2017 - #steambans irc chat stats

2 January 2018 - Xmoo joins the team. A php dev to help us progress site debugging and new h/w roll out!